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UV checker box texture overlayer

Date : Sometime 2007
Maya Version :

8.5 , 8.5 SP1

2008 , 2008 extension 1 , 2008 extension 2 , 2008 x64 , 2008 extension 1 x64 , 2008 extension 2 x64

2009 , 2009 service pack 1 , 2009 service pack 1a , 2009 x64 , 2009 service pack 1 x64 , 2009 service pack 1a x64

version 0.43 update :

updated for all other versions of 2008 and 2009

This was my very first Maya plugin I have made.

When you do a frequent uv mapping, you often create a shader with some sort of check box pattern so you can see uv distortion of the model better.

I have created this plugin so that I don’t ever have to do it again.

This plugin is slightly different from the ones you would normally find in the internet. This plugin DOES NOT create any shader! What this plugin does is that it cleverly uses locator node to draw your scene models with extra polygons on TOP of your model, overlaying with whatever texture you would like to display using opengl. It was originally developed to overlay texture to check uv distortion, but now you can over lay any image you want.

It also cleverly inserts itself in between model drawing call and manipulator call so that all your standard Maya function will work seamlessly. This means even your wireframe on shaded mode will work with this plugin.

You can set repeats of U and V direction of the texture being overlaid using the float box.

Numbered buttons are presets for U and V repeats.

Browse texture allows you to pick any image in your computer to be overlaid.

Scene texture allows you to overlay with the texture associated with file texture node. Simply select a file texture node and then click Scene texture to overlay that texture. This comes in handy when for some reason, Maya fails to display them properly. I have encountered many times that Maya simply fails to display my texture properly, especially when I want to view my alpha – transparency related texture. When you use this feature, texture UV repeat will adjust to your file texture node’s repeat settings.

Load default texture will load your default texture. You must set this otherwise you will have to browse for one every time. It is set to C:\cas_checker.jpg by default. If you want to change this, you must edit the Mel file. There is variable in the beginning of the Mel file where you can specify your own default image.

Toggle Display is what makes this tool so powerful. It will simply toggle between your original Maya look and overlaid look. This means that no matter what you have on your model. It will toggle between them.

This plugin does absolutely nothing to your existing model, so it is safe to use whenever you want. Even if your model has a very complicated shader network assigned to it, you can still overlay your model with image of your choice without worrying about destroying your shader network.

The locator node is locked so you don’t delete it by accident and it gets automatically deleted when you save your scene file. This means that you don’t have to worry anything about any extra data in your scene. It will not get in a way of converting your Maya scene into your production pipe line.

How to run this scipt :

  • Copy the script to your usual script folder and plugins to the plugins folder. This could be your default Maya script folder under My documents
  • Source the file if necessary by typing : source Cas_checkerBoxUI and then pressing crtl+enter in the script editor
  • Run script : Cas_checkerBoxUI and then pressing crtl+enter in the script editor
  • Combine both source and command into one short cut button on your shelf for easy access next time
  • If plugin fails to load , check your Maya version or browse to the plugin if necessary

8 Responses to “UV checker box texture overlayer” »

  1. Destro Says:

    It give me errors

    // Error: Plug-in, “/maya/public/plug-ins/Cas_checkerBox/Cas_checkerBox_2009x64.mll”, was not found on MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH. //

    i have may 2009 x64 and i try put this plugin in my document location as well in my custom path on N:/ Drive but both dosn’t work :/

  2. admin Says:

    Can you make sure that you have downloaded the latest version from this site and using it? Can yo try to delete the old files and try to use the new ones again? I am not sure why you get that errors but you should never get that from the current version.

  3. Destro Says:

    I believe that I download this from this site but some time ago, now i downloaded new wersion and it workss fine, thx! and sorry for truble :)

  4. Bryan Says:

    It works perfectly. I know I’m going to find this really useful, thanks! :-)

  5. Leksey Says:

    Maya 2010 (x64) don’t support. Please, make (.mll).

  6. LuisJimenez Says:

    hey chief!
    awesome idea!.. i hadnt seen it before.. is there any script Maya2012/2013? i can see potential in it

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