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Maya Tools

Over the past years , I have wrote couple of Maya scripts to aid creating game assets. I hope to share some of them here one by one and possibly explain the logic / reasons behind them.

I am not going to post any of my work specific pipeline tools. I am only going to post just general Maya work flow tools which I have put most of my personal efforts into. So don’t even ask.

But please keep in mind that most of my code is bit messy and it probably does not follow what the programmers call “good practice of writing a readable code”. This means missing comments and messy name spacing etc. It also taken me some time to realize and come up with some sort of rules for coming up with the naming conventions too.

The idea is to share the idea itself and the concept behind it. So if you don’t like my code then just write your own!

Also, please understand that the quality of the videos are not very good. It is due to mostly I am not a professional tutor and my video editing skill is very poor. English is not my first language so when I mumble something and you don’t understand, then use your imagnation. :D Sometimes, I do feel that making the video is harder than creating the tool itself!