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2008-08-23 Fishing Day house

Sun ,23/08/2009

Fished at Day house for about 5 hours. Did not catch anything until the last moment just off the margin like 20 cm away from the land! I could probably grab them with my hand. They seem to come near the shore when light goes darker. Interesting. Landed 2 carps of decent size. Some nice dusk pic on the way back. The day is becoming too short too soon already.

2009_08_16 – Fishing funny experience

Mon ,17/08/2009

I gave a go with fishing at Dan house fisheries. Darn thing is that fish took off with my whip rod and I had to chase it all around with my reel casting rod trying to “catch” my rod and fish on it at the end! After chasing it for hour and a half, I have finally managed to recover my rod. But the fish got away.

Then I thought I learnt my lesson and attached the rod to my body using thick fishing line and I had my foot on the rod so it won’t get away. But darn fish did it AGAIN.  It broke off the line attached and slipped under my foot with such a force if the line attached to myself did not break , I would have fallin in the water.

The fish took off with my rod AGAIN and I had to chase it all over again , causing much mayhem in the fisheriery disturbing everyone. But everyone did say they enjoyed the show and it was actually very funny. Amusing fishing with the biggest fishing float in the world trailing around the pool.

Anyway, I have managed to finally “catch” the rod and the fish itself this time and this is the picture of “the one did not get away”

the one that did not get away
the one that did not get away

what a huge carp it was!

unfortunately, I was chasing this bugger with only my phone so I could not take many pictures.

2009_08_13 – fishing Sheepy Magma pool and ashby canal trip

Thu ,13/08/2009

Pictures from previous fishing trip to south west of Birmingham where my dad in law caught huge carp!

Plus picturs taken from Rare’s team Ashby canal trip and following Sheepy Magma pool catch!

2009-07-27 – Fishing at Blythe Waters Fishery

Mon ,27/07/2009

Carp , Roach and two breams all within lovely day out at Blythe Waters Fishery .

I look absoutely crazy.

2009-06-10 – Packington Somers Fisheries

Wed ,10/06/2009

This was our 3rd attempt to catch any fish for a first time ever in UK fresh water!

our previous 2 times was a complete blank and we were very determinded to catch that first fish of ours.

The result was me – catching a decent sized tench and Andrew catching a clay fish!

All came very unexpectly after 4 hours of morning session.

2008-09-19 – Fishing at Devon

Fri ,19/09/2008

Some crazy fishing picture taken from Merseyside and Devon.

Check out the beauty I caught at the end!