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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Fri ,05/11/2010

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

I am not a over the top mecha animation fan. But if anyone likes to watch not just mecha animation but likes of Naruto or One piece, you should DEFINITLY check this anime out!

This animation has completely changed my perception about them… They are mega cool!

I have grown up with more like Gundam series like and so on , but this anime has now became my all time best mecha anime ever!

This is one of the series , that I don’t want to see a sequal , because as this is as complete as it is and the ending is incredibly cool! (don’t want it to be ruined)

ITV report on Fazeley Birmingham Rare Studio

Tue ,06/07/2010

I have a quick post about the Birmingham Rare expanision site that I am currently at.


I have moved here for a couple of weeks now, and I like it a lot

What is going on so far

Wed ,31/03/2010

I have not updated my blog for a while and that is because I was really really busy and part of my laziness.

It is at the of Mar 2010 already and I thought I will post a quick thing or two about what is going on.

As far as tools updates go, nothing much new here. One good news is that UV Autoratio tool that I was initially involved in making are selling is going to be used by Blizzard team! Who would have known some little idea to grow this far and used by so many famous big game and film studios all over the world! Check out

My birthday was few days ago, and I thought this time I will treat myself with something and I bought Razer Mamba mouse! This crazy mouse has over the top 56000 DPI! Wow… check it out!

Story of when I went to the court for the first time

Fri ,04/12/2009

When I was in the university in South Africa, one day, my car was broken in by two guys along the road near the university.

Security guy came to me and told me that they have caught the guys trying to steal the car red handed while they were going on about it inside my car. For that I had to go to the court one day to testify few things. So I went.

Upon arrival, I found myself inside a small court room with judge and the two guys who were supposed to be the accused of attempt to steal my car. My testimony was simple and it only took 5 mins.

After about 30mins into the proceeding a large table was brought inside the room and on top of it were many items like laptop computers and clothes books etc. They were stuffs stolen from the other victims around the university. From there on, they were asked one by one whether the item on the table did belong to them or not.

You can obviously guess that the things became a bit of comedy when the items like pents , glasses were asked and put them on to prove that the items were indeed theirs.

It was only almost at the end , when a small thin green book was held high and asked if it was theirs. They replied without hesitation “Yes”. But alas, it was an ID book…..!

An ID Book…. of someone else.

The court had 15 mins break after that and we all went outside to have a giggle. I just can’t forget that day. It was so funny.

James Cameron’s Avatar trailer!

Fri ,21/08/2009

Mech and fantasy creatures, what else can you ask more!

The first teaser trailer for James Cameron’s ever-so slightly hyped sci-fi thriller Avatar is finally online.

It’s beautiful and strange and lush, but while the landscape and spaceshippy imagery looks wondrous, the character models do seem a tiny bit… videogame cut-sceneish.

2009_08_16 – Fishing funny experience

Mon ,17/08/2009

I gave a go with fishing at Dan house fisheries. Darn thing is that fish took off with my whip rod and I had to chase it all around with my reel casting rod trying to “catch” my rod and fish on it at the end! After chasing it for hour and a half, I have finally managed to recover my rod. But the fish got away.

Then I thought I learnt my lesson and attached the rod to my body using thick fishing line and I had my foot on the rod so it won’t get away. But darn fish did it AGAIN.¬† It broke off the line attached and slipped under my foot with such a force if the line attached to myself did not break , I would have fallin in the water.

The fish took off with my rod AGAIN and I had to chase it all over again , causing much mayhem in the fisheriery disturbing everyone. But everyone did say they enjoyed the show and it was actually very funny. Amusing fishing with the biggest fishing float in the world trailing around the pool.

Anyway, I have managed to finally “catch” the rod and the fish itself this time and this is the picture of “the one did not get away”

the one that did not get away
the one that did not get away

what a huge carp it was!

unfortunately, I was chasing this bugger with only my phone so I could not take many pictures.

Rare profile on EDGE magazine

Wed ,12/08/2009

EDGE put Rare’s studio profile on this month’s issue.

I am at the front middle with “broken neck pose”

For some reason, I did not even know we had a waterfall (or something like it) I must go and have a look.