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New Kuno Interactive website is on live

Thu ,05/09/2013

After 2 years of nagging, I was able to convince that we needed a new look to the website for Kuno.

Currently updating with games information but it does look a lot better than the old one.

3DS Max vertex alpha blend fx shader

Wed ,22/02/2012

I gave a go with ShaderFX and created a simple two texture blending shader using vertex alpha. It took less time making the shader than to actually install the MAX again and then the ShaderFX itself, learning the process from the scratch. :D


It is very easy and simple to create such shader using ShaderFX in 3DS MAX so anyone can probably do it but I thought someone may have use for it if you are absoultly not up for it.

Kudo goes to Ben and the others for creating such a powerful tool for Max. I thought about asking them to create one for Maya too but seeing that it can export to Maya CGFX , I didn’t. But it will still be very nice to be able to use shaderFX inside Maya as well.

If you can’t get it to work , or have feedback comments then please do so.

Getting adjust to South Korea

Fri ,22/07/2011

Hi folks.

I have arrived nice and safe in South Korea early this month and I have been busy trying to adjust to my new surroundings.

Believe it or not, I still have not fully adjusted my time line so I am doing 12-8 at the moment.

I have sorted out my internet connection (damn, only 100mbit connection to my house ) and new casing for my old pc and so on.

I am planning to get back to bit of fiddling with Maya + Max + Unity + Unreal engine so they will be my focus for next few months. I am not looking for a new job yet, I think this is my rare opportunity to really take look at some of the software out there so I intend to take full advantage.

However, this also means I can do some long awaited update to the Maya plugins. Thank you those keep sending me “thank you” messages. It means a lot to me.

When I get out to Seoul , I want to take some pictures and put them in here so watch out for them.


Time is nearing to the end and new beginning

Tue ,21/06/2011

My time at Rare is coming to the end around end of June. My move is purely based on my personal family reason and I am not looking forward to what new challanges my life will throw at me.

For now, going “back” to South Korea after 20+ years and it will be very crazy!

Anyway, good news for everyone is that I will have plenty of time to work on the tools for Maya now and will be updating the much needed UV updating tools.

I am thinking of merging checkerbox tool with uvtools it just makes more sense to make them go together.

Thanks for visiting.

Birmingham Rare site youtube video

Fri ,16/07/2010

Site registering SPAM!

Tue ,20/04/2010

Due to recent spam user registering , I have decided to close “anyone can register” scheme for my site.

Some automated complete utter crap user names and email address were used to auto register to my site in hoping to …who knows what…

Anyway, if you are a real person who are affected by this decision and got your account removed, then please let me know.

Also if you wish to register to my site from now on, you must contact me first with your details. Then I will set you up with account.

Changed style (again)

Tue ,21/07/2009

I have changed style of the site yet again.  I still like the old white style , but it was becoming too painful for my eyes in a dark room.

Also added foldable menus on the side so click on the headings to unfold and fold them. I need to make this bit more clear, perhaps with a roll over images.

User registration added

Mon ,20/07/2009

I have added user registration feature to the site.

This is so that my close family and friends can check out my private postings.

So if you know me well enough then register and I will get back you with necessary access as soon as I can.

If you are considering to register, then see if you can also register with Gavater.

It is avatar system used by many blog sites across the world.

If you have avater registered with this site and use the correct email address when making a comments , you will see your avater in your profile as well as in the comments postings.

C A S T O R unlimited site is open!

Mon ,13/07/2009

Purpose of this site is for myself to leave something about myself and what I do inside the Internet.

And hopefully share with few other individuals who shares the similar interests.

All my postings will be about my work related which is essentially making a video game. But my fundamental interest is about a real time rendering technology so everything to do with that will be covered. And some of my other personal interests too.

So don’t be shy, if you are interested with what is possibly in here or just about me then poke through and get in touch with me!

I welcome any constructive feedbacks and comments!