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Story so far

Short version :

Born in South Korea. Moved to South Africa at the age of 15. Joined game industry at 2001. Moved to United Kingdom at 2004.

Long version :

Ok, well if you are really that interested , here you will find something about my life and how it is so far.

I was born in South Korea and I have been raised there until when I was 15. Then there was a sudden move to South Africa when my parents decided to move. I still don’t understand the reason behind it but from that point my life has suddenly changed upside down at the other side of the world.

But not everything was bad. In fact, I think I was fortunate that I was able to avoid South Korea’s famous tight learning environment and I was given more spare time to develop my interests outside the school than the other South Koreans of my age like. During my high school days in South Africa , I spent lots of time on beautiful beach of Durban and met many interesting friends which I still make a frequent contact. Some of them came to UK and I do sometimes even work with them.

After high school, I went to Johannesburg to study Computer Science at Wits university. University was pretty tough for me as the gap between standard of high school and the university was really large but I have somehow survived it. Also, it was time when my hobby interest in computer graphics started to creep up in my head as a future career. My natural interest in the computer graphics , especially on real time graphics has led me to be involved in Demo scene. I was involved in the demo scene from when I was high school till I got my first full time job at game industry.

My first job came at company called I-Imagine. It was the first generation Xbox game company, and probably the only console game making company in South Africa. I had lots of fun and really crazy time there and I was lucky enough to be worked with so many talented people. Sadly, the company has now closed due to number of reasons and it was also one of my reason to leave the company before anyone else and tried for UK.

I have moved to UK without a job at around 2004 and I was young and bold enough to pest on my friends until I found my place at Rare. Rare is MGS company responsible for making first party game for Xbox , Xbox 360. So the story pretty much end here so far at Rare. During my 4-5 years at Rare, I was fortunate enough to have my name credited on two Xbox 360 titles : Kameo elements of power and Banjo nuts and bolts.

After 7-8 years at Rare, my life have moved on and due to family reason I have now moved back to South Korea! I am currently working at Kuno Interactive, a small independent games company focusing on console and mobile platform. My new title is an Art Director, but my role hasn’t changed… making a great game with great people!