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General Information

Saehoon Lee

South Korean

Currently Art Director at Kuno Interactive

Previously :

Rare Ltd Microsoft Game Studio


Art Director , Technical Art Lead, Character Tech Lead, Principal Artist, Character Artist, Background Artist

3D , Maya , Mel , Python scripting , Unity , C# , C++ , Real time rendering , Gaming , L4D , Fishing

Bsc in Computer Science in South Africa Wits university

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Work related skill including but not limited to

Maya , Max

Mel Scripting

Python Scripting

C#, C++

Character / Background polygon Modelling , UV mapping , Texturing

Experience with basic skinning , rigging , animation

Experience with HLSL , GLSL type shader authoring, Unity CG,  Surface shader

Tool development for work pipeline , game development

Currently having fun with Unity engine

In the game industry since 2001

Credited in the following titles

Worked on Avater system for Xbox 360 LIVE platform

Kinect Sports Season Two

Kinect Sports

Banjo Kazooie – Nuts and bolts Xbox 360

Kameo – Elements of Power Xbox 360

Chase – Hollywood stunt driver Xbox