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Archive for October, 2013

Screen Space Local Reflection

Fri ,25/10/2013

I have been working on SSLR post effect for Unity and here is work in progress

FPS is bit low but I am running with 256 steps per pixer ray march.. which is pretty unrealistic to be honest.

I am also running SSAO at the same time.

I can bring FPS up in trade for visual quality down.

with GTX 660 it runs around 250 FPS and 90FPS with HD 6850.. this scene is running deferred rendering path.

Here is link to Unity forum discussion and web player link

Unity forum disscusion

Unity Web Player

(Use Maya like key to navigate.  = alt + mouse click drag)

Defense Technica Steam version out!

Fri ,25/10/2013

Steam version of Defense Technica is released!

Simplygon issue

Tue ,08/10/2013

Just been trying to use Simplygon beta for Unity.

Having issues like in the picture. I can’t figure out good settings for this model.

It’s bit disappointing to be honest… I didn’t expect to be perfect since it can never be as good as manual LOD but this isn’t even a good start.

I have asked for around 50% reduction but it only managed from 9032 -> 7587

And the reduction quality is not so good as you can see from the picture.