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Archive for February, 2012

3DS Max vertex alpha blend fx shader

Wed ,22/02/2012

I gave a go with ShaderFX and created a simple two texture blending shader using vertex alpha. It took less time making the shader than to actually install the MAX again and then the ShaderFX itself, learning the process from the scratch. :D


It is very easy and simple to create such shader using ShaderFX in 3DS MAX so anyone can probably do it but I thought someone may have use for it if you are absoultly not up for it.

Kudo goes to Ben and the others for creating such a powerful tool for Max. I thought about asking them to create one for Maya too but seeing that it can export to Maya CGFX , I didn’t. But it will still be very nice to be able to use shaderFX inside Maya as well.

If you can’t get it to work , or have feedback comments then please do so.

On my way home..

Wed ,15/02/2012

Picture i have taken on my way home some time last year.
Probably typical scene of remote south korea sub urban.