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Archive for November, 2011

Auto UV tool undo limit

Fri ,11/11/2011

As I have mentioned before, the tool uses native Maya commands to perform many of its tasks.

Problem at the moment, is that if Undo become unlimited, then using this tool can eat up lots of memory. Because Maya stores all the command the uv tool uses in the undo queue.

I have noticed in the past that if you use 32bit Maya in 32bit OS, Maya tends to crash around using 1.2GB of memory (due to undo). This sudden crash of Maya was last thing you want when you are working with Maya so the preventation has been enforced to make sure this doesn’t happen.

However, having said that, lots of lots more people are now using PC with more memory and 64bit , I might increase the number to something like 200 to start to give realistic enough undo numbers.

I may even add option to disable the undo limit all together. I am planning to do this around at the end of this month.