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Archive for July, 2011

Unity with Android

Sat ,30/07/2011

I have decided to feel for what it is like to port my simple space shooter game into Android using Unity.

Turns out that it was lot pain free than I have expected. Sure, I had to add some extra code to take care of inputs like acceleration so I can tilt device to control moving player let and right. But all in all , it was really fun to see it running in Android phone.

Made new tweak to that min and max position of the player is now confined in screen position instead of world position. This was to make it resolution independent.

Started fiddling with free shader editor called Strumpy. It is not as good as stuffs out there, but it is built into Unity and it is free! I also think it has lots of potential so I am keeping my eyes on it.

Also just found out that Unity only supports 2 uv sets , which is bit of bummer and I am wondering why that design decision was made. Perhaps it was considering more on cross platform (especially into mobile) so decision was made to not over load GPU with too many multi uvset assets.

All in all , still having fun! :D

Fun with Unity

Fri ,29/07/2011

Finally, I had some time to play with Unity and while I was looking at it I found some cool videos from Buzz (thanks Buzz).

They are remake of simple space shooter game designed to teach basics of Unity in C#.

I personally find Buzz’s videos very entertaining to listen to so I gave it a go.

Turns out that playing with Unity was more fun than I have expected, I even began to think that Unity and Maya shares some similarities on how things are organized and components are linked up.

After watching videos and fiddling with Unity for couple of hours, I was able to follow it till the end in 2 days. And I have just started adding some extra fun stuffs on my own now. It will be very interesting how this game turns out in my Android phone.

For those of you who have not dealt with Unity before, follow the link below and just spend couple of hours and bang, now you know Unity.


And here is my build of the game for those of you terribly bored. :D

My very first Unity game!

Another good news is that I have compiled x64 version of Cas uv mapper Maya 2012 version so I will release that soon too.

Getting adjust to South Korea

Fri ,22/07/2011

Hi folks.

I have arrived nice and safe in South Korea early this month and I have been busy trying to adjust to my new surroundings.

Believe it or not, I still have not fully adjusted my time line so I am doing 12-8 at the moment.

I have sorted out my internet connection (damn, only 100mbit connection to my house ) and new casing for my old pc and so on.

I am planning to get back to bit of fiddling with Maya + Max + Unity + Unreal engine so they will be my focus for next few months. I am not looking for a new job yet, I think this is my rare opportunity to really take look at some of the software out there so I intend to take full advantage.

However, this also means I can do some long awaited update to the Maya plugins. Thank you those keep sending me “thank you” messages. It means a lot to me.

When I get out to Seoul , I want to take some pictures and put them in here so watch out for them.