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Archive for March, 2010

What is going on so far

Wed ,31/03/2010

I have not updated my blog for a while and that is because I was really really busy and part of my laziness.

It is at the of Mar 2010 already and I thought I will post a quick thing or two about what is going on.

As far as tools updates go, nothing much new here. One good news is that UV Autoratio tool that I was initially involved in making are selling is going to be used by Blizzard team! Who would have known some little idea to grow this far and used by so many famous big game and film studios all over the world! Check out

My birthday was few days ago, and I thought this time I will treat myself with something and I bought Razer Mamba mouse! This crazy mouse has over the top 56000 DPI! Wow… check it out!