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Archive for September, 2009

Cas auto uv mapper version 0.97

Tue ,29/09/2009

- Minor update with few issues about Roadkill.exe location.
- Minor UI issue fixed (too short on some other language windows)
- Fixed issue with ABF and LSCM function distorts uvs for very small objects or scene with millimeter unit settings.
- Fixed Major bug with ABF and LSCM not working with non default uvset.
- Better Maya version check and support : Maya 2009 service pack 1 , Maya 2009 service pack 1a , and Maya 2008 extension 1 and all their corresponding 64bit versions.

Coming soon:

version 1.00

Belt mapping (this is cool)
Match UV along U or V direction
Photoshop Path export support for 64bit version of Maya
UI update
Installer ?

I welcome any suggestions or feature requests!

Google map result to my next fishing destination.. :P

Fri ,18/09/2009

I think Google is trying to get me killed.. or is it being really smart? Anyway, check out what Google map shows me when I want to find direction to my next fishing spot.

haha… walk and swim into sea…

well you know it must be a joke right? !

Maya insert edge loop tool bug and work around

Fri ,04/09/2009

It is well known that Maya’s insert edge loop tool does not work properly when camera is visiable in the display view port. I thought I would add my work around to the problem.

My work around involves placing all the cameras in the scene into a display layer and turn its visibility off. I normally run this script in the beginning to avoid the insert edge loop tool bug. This bug is very annoying if you don’t know why it causes and can spend many hours trying to figure out how to work around it. Controlling the visibility of camers through use of layer is neat because I have full control of the scene and not touching unnecessary attributes of the actual cameras.

string $oldSel[] = `ls -sl`;
string $cameraNames[] = `ls -type “camera”`;
string $cameraTransform[] = `listRelatives -p $cameraNames`;
print “cameras to move to new layer : \n”;
print $cameraTransform;

select $cameraTransform;

string $layerName = `createDisplayLayer -name “cameraLayer” -number 1 -nr`;
string $attribute = $layerName+”.visibility”;
setAttr $attribute 0;
if (size($oldSel) != 0)
 select $oldSel;

Come on Audodesk. FIX THIS BUG!

Python Pong game!

Thu ,03/09/2009

I thought that I should give a go with Python programming that does not involve Maya for once and I just followed Buzz VTM’s Introduction to Python : Pong and got this done in about 3 hours.

my first Pong!

my first Pong!

It was fun… and very easy to do. I am using Python 3.1 so if you want to run this (haha) then you will need to install following :

Python 3.1 (just get the latest one)

Pygame extension (also for Python 3.1)


! important !

update on pong game now with sound effect! But there was a bug with pygame lib that was not working with python 3.1 But I have run the game under python 2.4 and it worked fine. So please do not run under python 3.1