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Archive for July, 2009

Missing command realized on all my Python script tools!

Mon ,27/07/2009

Someone has pointed out that I am missing initial command that I need to run before all of my Python scripts to be able to run properly.

import maya.cmds as cmds

How did I miss it? I have it running automatically when Maya starts and I have honestly, completely forgot about it.

So I apologise to those who tried my scripts and had hard time running it.

Please run above command in your Python script editor before running any of my tools written in Python.

Also updated UV checker texture layer plugin and auto uv mapper plugin to include any dependency for the plugin. Updated for Maya 2008 extension 2 64 bit and 2009 64 bit

2009-07-27 – Fishing at Blythe Waters Fishery

Mon ,27/07/2009

Carp , Roach and two breams all within lovely day out at Blythe Waters Fishery .

I look absoutely crazy.

Durban – South Africa

Fri ,24/07/2009

This is place where I grew up. I miss it a lot. One day , I will go back to visit. Maybe even retire there! ^0^

China Goes Too Far in Plagiarizing Korean Games

Wed ,22/07/2009

I mean , you can copy some other games like ideas and so on, but bluntly stealing even the name of the game is just another level. Come on.

A local enterprise produced an imitation of the Korean game MU

Chinese game producers have crossed the line in plagiarizing Korean games.

According to industry sources, The9, a Chinese game manufacturer, has created an imitation of Webzen’s online role-playing game MU, called MU X.  It plans to exhibit the game to the public on July 23.

The company that administers MU in China, The9, blatantly stole Webzen’s characters without any contract or agreement.

Moreover, The9 has been expanding its cooperation with Korean companies after it failed to renew its World of Warcraft contract with Blizzard Entertainment.  This is an alarming move that calls for stronger protection of the intellectual property rights of Korean companies.

The9 is known to have planned the creation of MU X two years ago. It displayed an image of characters that closely resemble those of MU with a short comment that says it has inherited the world of MU on the teaser site of MU X, …

Changed style (again)

Tue ,21/07/2009

I have changed style of the site yet again.  I still like the old white style , but it was becoming too painful for my eyes in a dark room.

Also added foldable menus on the side so click on the headings to unfold and fold them. I need to make this bit more clear, perhaps with a roll over images.

User registration added

Mon ,20/07/2009

I have added user registration feature to the site.

This is so that my close family and friends can check out my private postings.

So if you know me well enough then register and I will get back you with necessary access as soon as I can.

If you are considering to register, then see if you can also register with Gavater.

It is avatar system used by many blog sites across the world.

If you have avater registered with this site and use the correct email address when making a comments , you will see your avater in your profile as well as in the comments postings.

Maya tools – Cas mass copy weight tool added

Fri ,17/07/2009

Are you a character artists? A rigger? Do you need to make LOD model of your character?

Check this out! you won’t regret it!

Cas mass copy weight tool added to Maya tools section.

Maya tools – Cas uv checker box overlayer tool added

Fri ,17/07/2009

My first tool and arguably the coolest one I have ever done is now posted under Maya tools section.


Maya tools – Cas uv Set Show video updated

Thu ,16/07/2009

Tutorial video for Cas uvSet Show tool has been added.

Crazy Banjo show off

Wed ,15/07/2009

I think Rare should hire him. Awesome!


I made the game, but I did not even know if this was possible.