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Cas APU another minor update released version 1.23

     Posted on Fri ,17/01/2014 by admin

Hi folks.


Version 1.23 has more debug print out when you start the tool. This will help me help those who are having issues running the tool.

If you are running 1.22 and have no issues then there is no reason to update to this version.


Cas APU version 1.22 hotfix version released

     Posted on Mon ,25/11/2013 by admin

Hotfix version 1.22 has been released for Cas APU tool.

Issue was with the Maya 2014 using slightly different way to call memory function and it returns different values too.

So I changed code to make this work for Maya 2014.


Just one more thing, is there demands for Maya 2014 32bit version? I think it is pretty common to use 64bit version of Maya nowdays so I didn’t compile 32bit version but if there is enough demand then I will do it.. it is just that I need to install 32bit Maya 2014. (and I am lazy.. yes)

Edit : I made mistake of compiling the installer using the old files for version 1.22 which had errors in it. I have fixed it now so just download it again and re-install version 1.22 if you are having problems. (Thanks Andre for pointing it out)

Auto UV Mapper tool 1.21 supporting Maya 2014×64 released!

     Posted on Thu ,21/11/2013 by admin

Good news everyone!

Again, with popular demands! I have finally got my hands on 2014×64 version of the Maya API so version 1.21 updated accordingly.

I know it took some time, but I do not build and release plugins unless I have legal access to the APIs in question even if it is for free.

Just uninstall previous version and install a new one version 1.21

Cas_AutoMapper version 1.21

Enjoy everyone!

And thanks for your “fan” letters such as this :


I was curious if you had any plans to compile a Maya 2014 version of Auto UV Mapper. We recently switched over to 2014 at work and it’s left a big hole in my UV workflow not being able to use the main functions in the script. Your work is great by the way, I don’t know if I could have managed without it over the years.


Andrew Morris
Senior Environment Artist
Certain Affinity

  • It is much appreciated and nice knowing that there are still lots of people using this tool even I have not really updated it for a long time now.
  • It is this kind of encouragements that keeps this tool updated.
  • It is nice to know that I am contributing to the industry even if it is very small part of it.
  • It is super cool knowing that my effort is helping to build games around the world, be it small games or AAA games like Call of Duty , Halo.



Edit : Just found out some issue with Maya 2014.. for some reason command to check the free memory is not working properly in Maya 2014. Maybe something is changed that I am not aware of, or this could be a bug in Maya 2014. I will check this out on Monday and make sure the tool runs , regardless of this issue.

Screen Space Local Reflection

     Posted on Fri ,25/10/2013 by admin

I have been working on SSLR post effect for Unity and here is work in progress

FPS is bit low but I am running with 256 steps per pixer ray march.. which is pretty unrealistic to be honest.

I am also running SSAO at the same time.

I can bring FPS up in trade for visual quality down.

with GTX 660 it runs around 250 FPS and 90FPS with HD 6850.. this scene is running deferred rendering path.

Here is link to Unity forum discussion and web player link

Unity forum disscusion

Unity Web Player

(Use Maya like key to navigate.  = alt + mouse click drag)

Defense Technica Steam version out!

     Posted on Fri ,25/10/2013 by admin

Steam version of Defense Technica is released!

Simplygon issue

     Posted on Tue ,08/10/2013 by admin

Just been trying to use Simplygon beta for Unity.

Having issues like in the picture. I can’t figure out good settings for this model.

It’s bit disappointing to be honest… I didn’t expect to be perfect since it can never be as good as manual LOD but this isn’t even a good start.

I have asked for around 50% reduction but it only managed from 9032 -> 7587

And the reduction quality is not so good as you can see from the picture.



Defense Technica for IOS and Android is out

     Posted on Thu ,05/09/2013 by admin

I could not give you link to the google play store outside Korea so here is the Com2Us store page.

Simply search for “Defense Technica” at each store!

Defense Technica

New Kuno Interactive website is on live

     Posted on Thu ,05/09/2013 by admin

After 2 years of nagging, I was able to convince that we needed a new look to the website for Kuno.

Currently updating with games information but it does look a lot better than the old one.

Mass copy skin weight tool version 4.1

     Posted on Thu ,07/02/2013 by admin

Mass copy skin weight tool version 4.1 is released.

This release contains a small bug fix reported by Alexander. Cheers.

UV Tool version 1.20 with Maya 2013 Maya 2013×64 support

     Posted on Tue ,05/02/2013 by admin

Ok Guys as promised,… here is the version 1.20 with Maya 2013 2013×64 support.

Click here to download : Cas Auto UV Mapper version 1.20

I didn’t do much intensive test so let me know if it doesn’t load etc.

I have also increased undo number to 100 limit 300. I think many people has enough memory nowdays so I think these numbers should be safe. But then again you never know.

Enjoy and the next plan is to use com type to communicate with photoshop instead of win32com so … that is the plan.